Jul 22, 2009

One Tech Site's Secrets in Making Money With Google Adsense

make money online 250x183 Pinoy Bloggers Secrets in Making More Money Online with Google Adsense

If you are a blogger who monetizes blogs with Google Adsense ads, you probably understand why a blog has to be regularly updated. Aside from building consistent following and traffic, revenue from adsense ads tends to go up as well.

So now you must be wondering why my last post was exactly a month ago! I should pay attention to my own tips from now on.

Luckily for me, this blog is still earning some pretty amount from adsense, even though the last update was a month ago. Let me just say I took some pretty good time out enjoying the real world for several weeks - and simply forgot about blogging for a while.

Of course everything has a price - so, increase in earnings was very minimal on this blog, and traffic was not as good as a month ago (alexa went down from 120K to 170K). I can’t complain though. I simply had fun with my vacation - and so my online friends and readers (I think I have a few of them - thanks to you folks!) will probably forgive me for that.

Everybody knows anyone can make money online with blogs - and the more dedicated you are the bigger is the opportunity to earn more. And it’s not just about regularly updating your blog. What’s more important is that each post you publish will draw interest and traffic from readers, and hits from search engines.

On the average, Bloggista.com gets 75 to 85 percent of its daily traffic from search engines, particularly Google and a few from Yahoo! And many of the search terms are high value keywords - which may earn higher revenue per click when relevant adsense ads are displayed and clicked by the visitors.

So wondering why some bloggers earn a lot from adsense? Here are some of their secrets (that you probably know already - LOL):

1. They write pillar articles. Pillar articles will definitely drive traffic to your blog. When you’re gifted with the talent of writing a long article that’s packed with researched and useful information - preferably with more than 700 words; or an expert on a particular subject matter and can write an article that’s timeless, that readers can read over and over again, then these are your “flagship contents“, your pillar articles.

It’s a great way to drive traffic and increase the chance to earn more with the relevant adsense ads.

2. They publish keyword rich posts. Short posts are always good - easy to read, don’t take much of your time especially when you’re blog hopping. Short posts can be stuffed with relevant keywords that will attract high-yielding adsense ads.

Remember article on Top Paying Google AdSense Keywords? Just make sure these keywords are relevant to your blog topic, and not just simply putting these keywords just to attract high paying adsense ads. Google may not like it, and readers may feel misled you’ll lose their trust.

3. They love current events. Many people surf the internet for current events. They love to check out who’s Susan Boyle, who are the American Idol finalists. If you love sports and can write about NBA Playoff games, or UEFA Champions League current standings, you’ll be able to get huge amount of traffic, and some decent earnings too.

And if you are well informed about latest showbiz and entertainment happenings - you’re on your way to blogging traffic and income stardom. Sports and Entertainment blogs are so popular one can drive tens of thousands of hits everyday.

4. They love future events too. Wondering why many bloggers write about Michael Jackson? I too wrote a few posts about Michael Jackson. How about Michael Jackson free live streaming? Familiar blog post titles?

Many, especially the “purist” bloggers will frown upon seeing these topics, but for serious make money online bloggers, any popular future event is a great way to make money with adsense. When posting articles of a future event, think like a google search user.

5. They love social bookmarking sites. What’s the best way to get your site or topic indexed in major search engines like google and yahoo? No, you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to an SEO expert, simply have your articles submitted to social bookmarking sites like Digg, Mixx, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Propeller, Del.icio.us, and ehem (plugging) Blogjoints.

Just be careful in submitting your own posts though, as many of these sites don’t like people who submit their own posts. So it’s better to socialize with others who are more than willing to submit your posts to these social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking sites are a great way to drive traffic to your site, but may not generate as much revenue. But since your articles can be indexed in search engines in just a few hours (even minutes), these can drive targeted traffic to your site - which is one of the best ways to generate adsense clicks.

So there you go - whew, what a lengthy post. There is actually a 6th secret - “Take criticisms constructively, even if they intend to put you down.” If you are without balls and are afraid of getting mocked by others because you can’t write good English, you have no right to be in the blogosphere in the first place.

The blogosphere is a free world - and is not only for people who write English well. Funny thing is many of us are so particular with English grammar they laugh and mock people who can’t write well. Oh, so mock me, its fun.Guides