Jul 19, 2009

SkyDrive – Sky is the Limit

  • 1 GB of storage ? Everyone now gets 1 GB of space.
  • RSS feeds ? You can subscribe to RSS feeds on public folders. You will receive a notification anytime someone changes the folder.
  • Add a contact from the SkyDrive website ? You no longer have to go to Hotmail or Messenger to add contacts to share with. You can now add contacts on the SkyDrive website.
  • See who uploaded a file ? On the page that tells you all the details about a file, you can now see who uploaded the file.
  • Share with non Live IDs?In the past, only Live ID contacts would appear in your contact picker. Now, you can share with any e-mail address. The owner of the non Live ID e-mail address will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the shared folder.

There are also lots of little features and fixes, check out the SkyDrive Team Blog for more information.