Jul 9, 2009

Free search engine guide for Bloggers

This post is for new and average bloggers.  To get more traffic to a blog , one need higher search engine ranking. And if you need simple guide for search engine optimization (SEO) here it is . It starts from choosing the domain name ( blog name /website name).First you have to decide for which keyword or keywords you need higher ranking in search engines.  Suppose your name is Krish, and you want higher ranking for keyword 'Blog Income' ,then rather than choosing your domain name as krish.blogspot.com, choose blog-income.blogspot.com.  You can have your blog on blogspot (blogger) or word press or other.  After choosing domain name (blog name), choose relevant title matching to your keyword.  So in our example rather than choosing Krish's Blog, you can choose 'Increase Blog Income'.  Do not have more than 2-3 word for domain name,in case of blogspot blog.

So to make this guide simpler, I will tell you where you should use keyword on your blog.
Please do not edit your old titles for optimization.

Try to use your desired keyword in ( it should look natural use and not look as to inflate search engine ranking):

  1. Blog name (Domain name)
  2. Title of blog
  3. Description of blog
  4. Title of post
  5. Body of post ( matter within post)
  6. Labels / Categories
  7. In ALT "keyword "of Images/Pictures in the post ( if images are there)
  8. Select this image and give it hyperlink pointing to your post.
  9. Try to get backlinks (link to your blog on other blogs)from other blog with anchor text as your keyword.
    In our example 'Blog Income' pointing to your blog.Some precautions need to be taken for backlinks , I will write more about it later.
  10. As search engine gives importance to text link as well as Image link to your blog , please go for picture link also, with proper ALT tag and TITLE tag.
  11. Do not submit your blog to search engines (?) , it is better that search engine spider /crawler finds your blog . So leave your blog name here in comment , I will try to get it in search engines within 3 - 4 days.
  12. Submit your blog in Yahoo directory , Google directory and top blog directories in relevant category.
  13. Read Google search engine guidelines


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