Jul 10, 2009

Customize Vista OEM Logo and Information

Usually OEM manufacturers add their logo and Information to OEM manufactured PCs, so maybe you want to get rid of it or want to customize it or even maybe you want to add your info instead of the OEM info? well here is a neat little trick for you to customize the OEM logo and information found on System Properties Applet on Vista.


  • Select a new logo to change, this file should be 120×120 pixels and in BMP format because if its larger it will be re sampled and may produce undesirable effects.
  • Click Start button and select Run, and type regedit.
  • When the Registry editor is open, navigate to the following loacation:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ OEMInformation
  • If you do not find this, then your OEM info is missing and you need to create it.
  • Follow this table to create a set of values

  • Now you can customize to your hearts? delight.
  • To change the logo, change the path to your new bmp file. Better to have it in C drive.
  • You can change other info like Manufacturer, supporthours, supportphone, etc.
  • After all customizations exit the registry editor.
  • Now go to your System Properties and see the changes for yourself.


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