Jul 17, 2009

How to Start a Blog - Easy Tips

  • Pick A Niche

What are you going to write about? Well, what are you good in? Now, if this subject is one that you have a good amount of knowledge about and is an area of interest to lots of people (find out by going to Google's keyword external tool and entering the keyword or phrase-over 15,000 searches/month minimum is a good area of interest), then you've found your niche (pronounced neesh).

  • Blog Platform

Do you want a free or paid blog? Decide soon, because you have a group of hungry people waiting for information on their favorite subject from a fresh source-why can't it be you?

A free blog is hosted for free by it's host, like blogspot and wordpress. They own the blog that you start with them, so if you violate any of their rules, then they can shut you down for whatever reason. Be careful avout what you write!

A paid blog is hosted by a host you select and pay, usually monthly. It's not too expensive, usually around $10/month. However, you've got the freedom to put what you want on it, including different types of content, such as videos, podcasts along with articles.

  • Write Often

Google, the search engine king, will list your blog and make it easier to find if you submit posts at least 2-3 times a week.

Write articles, post videos or audio podcasts to your blog on a regular basis in order to get repeat visitors who can develop a loyal following and refer it to others, thereby growing the number of daily visitors to your blog.

  • Stay Current

Spice up your blog and really attract visitors and business prospects by keeping up with and reporting the most current news in your niche.

Visitors will realize that you're the go-to place for news about that niche. This will attract more visitors to your blog like bees to honey.

  • Answer Comments

Let visitors who comment realize that your blog is a living breathing thing by responding often to their comments.

This energizes them and encourages them to return, for you're giving them helpful feedback and making them feel special-because they are.


Starting a blog is a wise decision. As your business' hub, prospects can connect with you easier and may become followers as well as customers.

Just make sure that you pick a niche you're knowledgeable in and is either free or paid,depending on your level of flexibility. Make sure to: write often to get indexed and noticed by Google, stay current to establish your blog as the go-to blog; and finally, keep open the lines of communication by replying to readers' comments.

There you have it: an easy 5 tips on how to start a blog. Now, get started!


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