Jul 14, 2009

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic

A Step by Step Guide

Many first time bloggers automatically assume that once their blog is setup and they put a few posts on it, they will get some hits and regular readers. Unfortunately, this is not true. You won't get any traffic if no one knows about your blog.If you are blogging just for fun then that is ok but if you are into making some money out of your blog then i suppose this is not what you would want.
In order to boost traffic to your blog you need to make it visible to the users. You need to advertise your site over the internet. You need to get it indexed into major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. You need it to get your blog submitted to various free online directories. You need to increase your blog ranking in various search engines. In this article i will guide both the bloggers and webmasters through all the necessary steps required to drive more traffic to their site.

Blog Layout and Style

Before you start posting contents into you blog, you should first spend some time to decide on the layout and style of your blog as this very important to make your visitors stay on your blog for at least sometime and also to make your visitors come back to your blog repeatedly. Most web users are instantly turned off by tacky site designs or extreme neon colors. I know I won't stay at a website too long if the layout or navigation annoys me. The goal is to have a unique blog, different than all the other weblogs on the net. The one thing I really stress to others is making it easy for your readers to contact you. It shouldn't take a reader more than a click, if any, to find your email address or a contact form. This makes the reader feel like someone actually runs and cares about the website. An about page is also a great asset to have on a personal site or blog. The more a reader knows about you, the more they trust your content.

Blog Content

Your blog's usability goes hand in hand with its content.you. The content of your blog decides traffic to your blog to a great extent. You can specialize in a niche subject as long as you have an idea of how many people might be interested in that subject. If you do well with your niche subject matter, you could get some crazy traffic for being the only decent blog online with that type of content. On the other hand you could have widely used content, such as some aspect of technology, but add your own twist with your opinion or comparing/contrasting from other tech analysts. People won't go to your site to read something they could have read on CNET or Tom's Hardware, they want a unique take on it. If you learn anything from this article, I hope its that reblogging is a very bad thing. The one thing to kill your traffic is having identical content to another several hundred blogs. Finding out what your content should be is a key element of your blog's identity, the type of image your blog will ultimately emit and the traffic your blog will finally generate.
Now that you have created a blog with a nice eye-catching layout and style and posted in some unique and interesting content, its time for you to get you blog some visibility. Below I have discussed some of the important ways you can do it.

The major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Ask, all offer direct submission to their search directories, but I wouldn't advise using them. For example, Google has a page where you can simply submit your webpage address for indexing, yet they tend to place your request in a holding position, sometimes for months, while you are waiting for their posting of your website. Sure this is a free service but do you really have the time to wait while business is passing you by? You could pay for search engine submissions but if you can do it for free, why would you opt for that cost needlessly?
There are some very simple and much faster means of getting your site indexed with the big boy search engines that you will find much more satisfying and a lot less stressful as far as playing the waiting game. Just follow some very easy steps that will get your site indexed quickly:

  1. Do not submit directly to the search engines. I repeat do not do this, unless you want to wait and wait and wait.
  2. Type into your favorite search engine free search engine directory lists, then look for directories that have at least a PR3 rating. The PR3 is the rating that is currently assigned to a webpage that is considered active and receives a fair amount of traffic.
  3. Submit your website or web pages into the proper categories, you want your website to be among similar topics to gain more direct traffic seekers once you are indexed.
  4. Use a text link containing keywords or phrase rather than just your URL to better describe your website. This will further assist the search engines by indexing your site in the best location.

Technorati is Your Best Friend

Technorati is one of the best traffic providers for bloggers. It makes your blog much easier to find when people search by technorati tags. Technorati is also a large blog ranking engine. Based on the number of links to your blog from various websites, your blog is given a rank. The higher your rank the easier your blog is to find when people search for things. A higher rank gives your blog greater credibility in technorati. If you don't already have a technorati account, get one.

Blog Rings/Networks

Submitting your website to a blog network or blog ring is another excellent way to get more readers. There are many of these networks but the one that I use is BlogTopSites.com. BlogTopSites is a blog ranking website that makes your blog easier to find and search for as well. Make sure you select an appropriate category to post your blog in. If you are not careful, you'll find yourself in the same pool with some heavy hitting blogs and your ranking will be fairly puny. For WordPress users, you can join Blogs Of The Day by simply installing their plug-in, which uploads your blog stats directly to them.

Burn that Feed

By now you may have a few extra readers, but how can you help them come back? Many blog users will immediately scan the page for an RSS feed if they like your content. Most blogs, such as WordPress, already have RSS feeds integrated for entries and comments. Using the default feeds may suffice, but you won't have any idea about how many people you will be catering to. The FeedBurner service will take your feed and reproduce it on their fast servers while tracking reader statistics. I highly recommend signing up for the service and letting them burn your feed.

Backlinks are the Key

A back link is basically a link to you, your work or your site that has nothing to do with your site. For example, if a visitor to your blog is very impressed with one of your post or article or finds your post very informative and want to share it with others, he may create a link to one of your post or the whole blog and post it in his blog or website, this is a back link.

Back links are critical in attracting traffic because they play a Huge role in search engine ranking. The more places that link to your work, the higher ranking you will have. That is why many big named companies pay people to link to them.
Now the important questions is how to get more and more back links linked to your articles. Well you can try these few things to create back links for free:

  1. Submit to Directories. Listing your work with directories is a great way to get back links.
  2. The Buddy System. Ask your friends or family to link to your site. Even if their content isn't totally related.
  3. Locate Sites. You can use the internet to search for other site owners, authors and bloggers with your same content and ask if they would like to link to you.

Getting To Know Your Readers

The next step is tracking your visitors, seeing where they came from, what they saw, and how they left. You will be able to easily assess what content your readers appreciate the most and concentrate on that aspect of your blog. Most webhosts include some type of stats monitoring applications such as the Urchin suite.

Final Thoughts

If you post guides or reviews on your blog that you think many people can benefit or learn from, I suggest posting a link on del.icio.us or Digg. If your page gets on the front page of Digg or on del.icio.us popular, you're set. Many tech websites have an email address for tips. If you think your content is worthy, try sending them an email with your article. You never know, they might post it. Even if they do not have a tips line, a polite email to the editor-in-chief or webmaster could do the trick. Even at the lowest level you will establish some rapport between that company or person, which may help you out in the future.

In addition, holding a contest can greatly boost traffic. Even if it is for a small thing such as a WordPress golden ticket, you will be amazed at how many people find out about it. You can establish a relationship with some of your readers, and they might link to your blog on theirs. Commenting on other blogs can also earn you a few hits if you put down your URL.


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